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Cusco is famous not only for its ruins, also for its people and their customs.

Cusco was the Capital of Inca Emperor and it is still the capital of Culture in Peru.

Cusco Tourists Tickets -Boleto

Boleto (Boleto Turístico General, or BTG) is the admission tickets to some sites in around Cusco. If included sites matches with your plan, it is wise to purchase the Cusco Tourist Ticket.

Inca Mystery

How do they lift those 15 tons stones? How they place those stones so neatly?

Inca Stone Wall

You can reach Cusco from Lima through a number of flights. There are four airlines LAN Peru, Aero Condor, TACA and Star Peru, who operate flights between these cities. LAN Peru is more reliable with their flight time, but they are much more expensive than others airlines.  All these airlines have their own websites, you can easily book flights or buy tickets from their websites. You can also reach Cusco from Arequipa. Only Lan Peru operates flights between Cusco and Arequipa.


Lima - Cusco Flights

Flight days Departure Arrival Comment
Lan Peru Flights
LP095 Daily 04:00 06:45 stoppage at Arequipa
LP025 Daily 05:50 07:05
LP115 Daily 06:00 09:45 stoppage at Arequipa and Juliaca
LP021 Daily 06:15 07:30
LP019 Daily 06:40 07:55
LP023 Daily 07:00 08:15
LP073 Daily 09:05 10:20
LP027 Daily 09:35 10:50
LP023 Daily 09:45 11:00
LP071 Daily 10:05 11:20
LP039 Daily 13:15 14:30
LP0111 Daily 13:35 14:50
Aero Condor Flights
237 Daily
06:00 07:00
221 Daily 09:00 10:00
271 Mon-Wed
12:15 13:25
Star Peru
2l 1115 Daily 05:50 07:00
2l 1113 Daily 08:00 09:10
2l 1117 Daily 09:15 10:25
7 Daily
06:00 07:15

Cusco - Lima flights

Flight days Departure Arrival Comment
Lan Peru
LP095 Daily 07:10 08:30
LP024 Daily 07:40 09:00
LP020 Daily 08:00 09:20
LP018 Daily 08:30 09:50
LP115 Daily 10:20 11:40
LP026 Daily 11:20 12:40
LP022 Daily 11:35 12:55
LP074 Daily 13:20 14:40
LP072 Daily 14:20 15:40
LP038 Daily 15:00 16:20
LP111 Daily 15:15 16:05 Stoppage at Arequipa & Juliaca
Aero Condor Flights
238 Daily 07:30 08:30
222 Daily 12:30 13:30
Star Peru
2l 1116 Daily 07:30 08:35
2l 1118 Daily 10:55 12:00

Cusco-Arequipa and Arequipa- Cusco Flights

Only Lan Peru is operating flights between these two cities

Route Flight Frec. Departure Arrival Comment
Cusco - Arequipa LP111 Daily 15:15 17:15 Stoppage at Juliaca
Arequipa- Cusco LP115 Daily 07:50 09:55 Stoppage at Juliaca
Arequipa - Cusco LP051 Daily 13:00 13:55

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