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In Cusco you will see plenty of restaurants. If you stay around Plaza de Armas, you can walk around and choose a restaurant for Lunch or dinner. You can find Peruvian, Chinese, Continental or even American foods there. Food is not very expensive, but if you want to spend some money on food, it is not difficult to find some deluxe restaurants here.

 Restaurants Comments

Very Cheap

You can have a dinner here in less than $10.00


Chez Maggy

Ph: 084-234-861

Plateros 345

You can have all types of Peruvian foods here. But It is most popular for its Pizzas.

El Cuate

Ph: 084-227-003

Procuradores 386

Mexican foods. This one is the first Mexican foods restaurant in this city. You can have five items in less than $5.00 here.

Granja Heidi

Ph: 084-238-383

Cuesta Sun Blas 525

Peruvian foods. You can get vegetarian foods here. Run by a German lady. Don't forget to try Nelson Mandela cake.


Ph: 084-262-656

Procuradores Street 320

Food very cheap. You may try seafood here. Actually this one is good, if you want to sit on a balcony, from where you can have a nice view of  Plaza de Armas.


You can get your dinner or lunch here in less than $20.00


Quinta Evalia

Ph: 084-243-730

Choquechacha 384


A good restaurant for Peruvian foods. It is famous for the Cuy (whole guinea pig, fried - some don't like it though). You may like the outdoor sitting of this place. Not very expensive, each menu are $6.00/$8.00. That Coy is $7.00.If you come here carry some cash, as credit cards are not accepted here. Not


Ph: 084-229-415

Cuesta Sun Blas 571

Mexican Food. You may like alpaca foods here.


You can have your lunch with $20.00+


Ph:084-252- 936

Portal Confituria 233

Here certainly food is good. You may like the environment too. while eating you may enjoy the music too. mainly Peruvian foods.


You may get a good diner spending  $30.00 + here

Inka Grill

Ph: 084-262-992

Portal de Panes 115

One of the famous restaurant. Renowned for its Peruvian foods. You can also find internationals food. Here Coy is better, but expensive (around $ 8.00). You may try Alpaca sirloin.

Fallen Angel

Ph: 084-258-184

Plazoleta Nazarenas 221

An exceptional restaurant. Nice interior design. Table tops are made of glass, and fishes are swimming underneath. I am sure you will like the environment. Food is good too. Try these two items - alpaca tenderloin with corn and duck-and-rice stew with coriander.

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