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If you are visiting Cusco or Lake Titicaca, know about Acclimatizing before you land there..

Machu Picchu by Helicopter


A helicopter service from Cusco to Aguas Calientes is now available for those who like to pay extra money to get maximum comfort. This service was provided by a 12 passenger helicopter by Heli- Cusco.


Cocoa Leaves

Don't be confused, it may be a ingredient of cocaine, but still Cocoa leaves is perfectly legal to buy in Peru. But it is illegal in most of the neighboring countries, so don't carry the cocoa bag with you while leaving Peru and entering another country.

Read to know  more on cocoa leaves


Cusco Tourists Tickets -Boleto

Boleto (Boleto Turístico General, or BTG) is the admission tickets to some sites in around Cusco. If the sites which are included in this ticket matches with what you have in your plan, it is wise to purchase the Cusco Tourist Ticket.



Inca Stone Wall

You have only two options to reach Iquitos, fly from Lima which will take only 75 minutes or take a boat. Iquitos is one of the largest city of Peru, still the city is not connected directly to mainland of Peru by road.

  • By plane

Lima has flights to Iquitos. But you would be surprised to know that Miami has direct flights to Iquitos. Most Amazonlovers usually travel to Lima, and then take local flights to reach iquitos. TransPeru, AeroPerú, AeroContinente, or Americana has flights to Iquitos.


JCrnl. FAP Francisco Secada Vignetta International Airport, Equitos


  • Iquitos by Boat


You can reach Iquitos from Pucallpa and Yurimaguas. It may cost you around 30-100  US $.

Getting from Yurimaguas is easy since it has daily cargo ship trips to Iquitos. It takes around 2/3 ddays to reach Iquitos from there. But presently you can not reach  Yurimaguas easily, since its airport no longer has flights. You can rach Yurimaguas from Quito though, but it would take 4 days.

You can reach Iquitos from Francisco de Orellana,Coca, Ecuador. It would take you 8 days. But it is not for only to reach Iquitos. The journey itself is an interesting and thrillign experience. It iwll pass through the Yasuni National Park in the lagoon of Jatuncocha for first few days. Then you will pass through Nuevo Rocafuertea nd finally reach Iquitos. This is a long way, around 700 miles. On you way you will enjoy Amazon river and Napo river.


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