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Actually if you want to reach Lake Titicaca, you have to reach Puno. You need to stay the night at Puno so that you can have your tour to the Lake in the morning. Most of the people go to Puno actually to visit Lake Titicaca, not to visit Puno. So please read my page on getting Puno.

Lake Titicaca has some islands, so people spent their time mainly visiting, those islands, some people stay overnight in one of those islands. As some islands are in Peru, some others are in other side of the border, in Bolivia. From Puno you can reach Uros Floating Island, Isla Taquila, Isla Amantani and Isla Suasi . But ISal del sol and Isla de la Luna are in Bolivia

Island Taquile

You can reach Taquile in four hours from Puno by boat. They are lot of travel agency who offer trip to islands. You can simply go to the boatyard in the morning, and you arrange trip from there.

Island Amantani

You can reach the this island in 4.5 hours from Puno by boat. From Taquile it needs only two hours to reach Amantani. Usually people visit Uros, then Amantani and stay in Amantani. Next morning while coming back they visit Taquile.

Uros floating Island

This one is very near from the port at Puno. You can reach this island in only 30 minutes by boat.

Island Suasi

Like other two islands you can reach here by boat, it takes two hours to reach there. This island is a private one. and tour to this island is a rare case.

Timetable for boats and Fare

Usually boats for Uros and Taquile leave early, at around 7.30 in the morning. Boats for Amantani leave at 8.30. You can leave for any island and comeback on the same day, or you can stay the night in some island and come back next day. IF you stay the night it will be $10.00, including accommodation and meal. OTher return trips on the same day are around $5.00 - $7.00.

Distance of Islands from port of Puno

Islands Distance (KM) Time to reach (by Boat)
Uros Floating Island Scattered at Diff. Dist. 30 min
Amantani Island 37 4 hrs
Taquile Island 30 3 hrs

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