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Huayna Capac tried to please his favourite son Atahualpa, and hence brought the downfall of Inca Empire..


Cusco was the Capital of Inca Empire and it is still the capital of Culture in Peru.

Inca war of succession

War between two brothers broke out in 1527. Huascar started the war when he realized that Atahualpa was tactically superior to the armies Huascar owned in Cusco.

Inca Mystery

How do they lift those 15 tons stones? How they place those stones so neatly?

Inca Stone Wall


Like his father Tupac Inca Yupanqui and grandfather Pachacuti Huayna Capac was a great fighter. He extended his empire significantly to south side (current Argentina and Chile). He also established a city in northern part of his Empire in Quito. He won the vast region between Chimus and Atacamas. 

He spent some time in northern part of his Empire in Quito wars. After the long lusting wars at Quito he died, though not at wars, but of smallpox. He and his senior son Ninan Cuyochi both died of smallpox on 1527 in Tumipampa at Ecuador.

  • Works by Huayna Capac

He made some great development to Inca Empire during his reign. He constructed tow important Inca roads one from Tumbez to Pachacamac and the other from Pachacamac to Cusco. During his time small houses for Chasquis on Inca roads were built. Chasquis was the runner with mail in Inca period. These houses were called Coptras.

  • Huayna brought back to Cusco

He ordered that after his death his heart should remain in Quito, but body be back in Cusco. When his body was transported to Cusco it said that hundreds of human beings and animals were sacrificed during this course. The body carriers were loudly sang praises of Huayna Capac. And the voice of this huge people rose to such height that lots of birds fallen from sky. 

  • Greatest Mistake made by Huayna

Huayna was a great warrior and Emperor. But just before he died he made the biggest mistake of Inca regime. He had split his empire between two brothers Atahualpa and Huascar. Because of this foolish act a civil war broke out between his two sons just after his death. Afterward it was found that the civil war brought the quick downfall of Inca Empire.



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