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If you are interested to visit Lake Titicaca, you may need to stay one or more nights in Puno. Puno has some good luxurious hotels. If you are looking for a budget hotel, you will get it there too.       

Hotels Comments

Very Cheap

You can have a single room here in less than $10.00. If you bargain you may get lesser.


Hostal Los Uros

Tel: 051-51-352-141
Web: www.losuros.com
Address: Teodoro Valcarcel 135

Starting from $8.00

This hotel may be a good choice for backpackers. You will get basic facilities here. They have rooms with privates bathroom or rooms with shared bathrooms. They have a cafeteria, where you can have your breakfast ( not included in room's fare). You will get hot water in the evening.

El Manzano Casa de Huespedes

Ph: 051-51-364-697
Email: reservacioneselmanzano @gmail.com


Address :Av. El Puerto 449

Starting from $ 7.00

They have dormitory ( $7.00), rooms with sheared bathroom ( $8.00), rooms with private bathroom ($9.00). Three blocks from central plaza. Basic facilities. Breakfast Included. They have internet connection at this hotel!

Hostal Nesther

Telephone: 051-51-351-631
Email: None
Address: Deustua 268, Puno
Starting from $ 10.00

This one is also popular with backpackers. The rooms are basic and clean. You may (!) get hot water in mornings and evenings. 

Hostal Qoniwasi

Tel: 051-51-353-912
Email: qoniwasi@mundomail.net
Address: Av La Torre 135

Starting from $ 7.00

Here you can get rooms with private or shared bathroom. Most important feature of the hotel is you can get into this hotel easily from train station, as it is located directly opposite the train station.          



Posada Don Giorgio

Tel: 051-51-363-648
Email: dongiorgio@titicacalake.com
Address: Tarapaca 238

Starting from $ 25.00      


It is located centrally. Newly reconstructed. You can enjoy phone and cable TV at room. They have hot water all the time.

Hostal Pukara

Tel: 051-51-368-448 / 365-232
Email: pukara@terra.com.pe
Address: Jr. Libertad 328

Starting from $ 25.00

This one is also centrally located. Small hotel (fourteen rooms altogether). All the rooms have telephone and cable TV. You will get internet there too. Free transfer from the train station or bus terminal if contact them in advance.

Hotel Italia

Tel: 051-51-367-706/ 363-639
Web: www.hotelitaliaperu.com
Addr: Theodoro Valcarcel 122

Starting from $ 35.00

Almost like a deluxe hotel. Good restaurant, cafe, bar. You will get 24 hours hot water and cable TV. Located centrally.

Hotel Ferrocarril
Address: Av La Torre 185
Tel: 051-51-351752
Web: www.hotelferrocarril.com

Starting from $ 35.00

Located opposite to railway station. They have cable TV, and more importantly, this hotel is centrally air conditioned, they do have a central heating system.

Hotel El Buho

Web: www.hotelbuho.com
Address: Lambayeque 142

Starting from $ 40.00

Rooms are carpeted, 24 hours hot water, Cable TV. Free transfer from the train station or bus terminal if contact them in advance.

Hotel Colon Inn

Tel: 051-51-351-432
Web: www.coloninn.com
Address: Calle Tacna 290
Starting from $ 45.00

This hotel is a good luxury hotel. You can have all the amenities here. Location of this hotel is also very suitable. It is three blocks away from both railway station and central plaza.

They have bar, restaurants and a pizza place.

Hostal La Hacienda

Email: haciendahostal@hotmail.com
Web: www.lahaciendapuno.com
Address: Jr Deustua 297

Starting from $ 40.00

Rooms are carpeted, with Cable TV and phone. They have 24 hours hot water.

Hotel Sillustani

Tel: 051-51-351-881
Email: hotel@sillustani.com
Web: www.sillustani.com
Address: Jr Lambayeque 195
Starting from $ 40.00

Centrally located. Hot water and cable TV.

Hostal Margarita

Ph: 054-352-820

Address : Jr. Trapaca 130

Starting from $ 30.00

This one is located centrally. Family owned. Hot shower 24 hours. IF you bargain here specially at low season, you may get rooms at lower than $20.00.

Qelqatani Hotel

Tel: 051-51-351-470
Email: hotel@qelqatani.com
Web: www.qelqatani.co
Address: Jr. Tarapaca 355

Starting from $ 40.00

This one is also centrally located. Small hotel (fourteen rooms altogether). All the rooms have telephone and cable TV. Rooms are carpeted. Relatively new hotel.



Sonesta Hotel Posada del Inca Puno

Telephone: 051-51-364-111
Email: reservaspuno@sonestaperu.com
Web: www.sonesta.com/peru_puno/
Address: Sesquicentenario 610, Sector Huaje

Starting from  $75.00       


This is the chain of Sonesta Posada del Inca. A big hotel. They have 62 rooms. This hotel is located on the shores of Lake Titicaca. But you can reach Puno by a taxi ( $3.00) or by combi ( $1.00). This is  a deluxe category hotel. You will get all modern facilities here. If you planning to visit Lake Titicaca, this one may be a good choice.

Hotel Libertador Isla Esteves

Telephone: 051-51-367-780
Email: hpuno@libertador.com.pe
Web: www.libertador.com.pe

Address: Isla Esteves

Starting from $140.00


This hotel is the best one in Puno. Though it is not located in Puno mainland. It is in Island Esteves, in Lake Titicaca, which is 5 km from the main town. But you can reach the town by a taxi, as it is connected to town by causeway. Taxi will take $3.00 and or you can walk just 20 yards from the entrance of the hotel and get combi for $1.00. All the rooms have a minibar. Also this hotel has a disco.

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