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I tried to provide a list of good restaurants here. You may like the restaurants listed here or you may not. If you don't then there is another option, you may move around Tacna street. You will find some street restaurants there. Foods are hot and good there. Try beef steak. You will find foods very very cheap here, less than $2.00. If you are visiting Lake Titicaca, and thinking of taking some snack packed with you, must visit Pastelleria UNA at Jr. Lima Mall. You can buy cakes, pastries and other snacks at this bakery at very low price, though quality is exceptionally high.

Restaurants Comments

Very Cheap

Less than $10.00.


La Hosteria Pizza

Address : Main Mall, Jr. Lima

You can get food, desert, coffee for less than $5.00. Pizza is really good here. You can also eat other local foods here.
Parque Pino

Add: At Downtown of Puno

If you like to pass some time in restaurants, this would be the right place. You will find lot of backpackers, telling there stories and passing their time. Food is good and very cheap.

Rico Pan

Tel: 051-354-179

Address: Moquegua 330

Coffee, sandwiches and pastries very good here. Very cheap too.

Cafe Internacional

Tel: 051-352-502

Add: At crossing of Moquegua & Libertad

Chicken, Pizza, Pasta, sandwiches. Food are good here. Cheap.

Pastelleria UNA

Add : At Jr. Lima Mall.

If you like snacks like cakes, apple pie, pastries, this is the best place. This one is not restaurants, but a bakery. If you like to stock some snacks for trips to Lake Titicaca, this is the best place for you. Foods are too cheap. With one dollar you can buy 3 pastries. Come here early, they are always sold out by evening.
Pizzeria del Buho
Address: Lima 347, Puno
Environment is good. You may like Pizza and pasta here.




Apu Salkantay

Tel: 051-51-363-648

 Address: Jr. Lima 425

One of the best restaurants at Puno. It is on the main street. You may like the Cuy (Guinea pig) of this place.

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