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Recent years Pisac has become more popular because of its Sunday market. This market is so colorful and diverse it become favorite to the visitors. In many cases people don't visit Pisac ruins, they visit only the market. Most tour packages will offer you only the market visit in Pisac.


  • How to reach Pisac

You can reach Pisac from Cusco by bus. It is a two hours journey. I have listed below the distances from other cities as well, in case you are planning to visit Pisac from other Sacred Valley towns.


  • Distance of Pisac from Places
Cities Distance (KM) Distance (Mile) Time to Travel
Cusco 32 20 2 hour bus ride from Cusco
Urubamba 46 28  
Ollantaytambo 65 40  
Chinchero 96 58  


Sketch showing locations of Sacred Valley towns



  • Ruins at Pisac


In Pisac you will find four separate ruins :Pisaqa, Intihuatana, Q'allaqasa, and Kinchiracay. Intihuatana is the same as the one at Machu Picchu. The citadel  Q'allaqasa was built onto a natural spur.


  • Pisac Market


In recent years Pisac market has become very popular specially on Sunday. You may not find any special item there, but you will still enjoy the environment. They say prices of some items are cheap in this market, occasionally!. But the occasion comes so rarely, you should not depend on it. The products that is sold here are mainly clothes. Same thing you can buy from Cusco. If you like something just buy it there, don't wait for the occasions I mentioned above.

Tuesday and Thursday are also market day in Pisac, though comparatively less people are present on those days.


Cloth or food - everything is available at Pisac Market

  • Why Pisac market is so popular !

Once it become popular with touristsm travel agents started to offer tour to this market. Its crowd and color atracted people. Day by day its popularity increased and now on Sundays Pisac Market has become the favourite to Peru trvelers.



Ponchos at Pisac Market





Colorful Pisac Market


Ollanta - The General


Local people call this city Ollanta. Ollanta was the general of Pachacuti who won a number of battles for Pachacuti. The vast expansion of empire during the regime of Pachacuti was accomplished by the brave general Ollanta. As a gift Ollanta asked to marry daughter of Pachacuti. But Pachacuti refused, since he was still a commoner to Pachacuti. The general revolted against Pachacuti and imprisoned.


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