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If you want to visit Trujillo, you will definitely need to take your breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Trujillo has some good restaurants, which have different types of food items and food price. Here is some information about the restaurants of Trujillo.


Restaurants Information


Cheap Price

El Peñón

Food Type: Seafood
Hours: Noon to 10pm (Daily)
Credit Cards Support: DC,MC,V
Reservations: Recommended in high season.
Telephone: 044/461-549
Address: Located right across of the Huanchaco street from the surf.


In Trujillo, El Peñón is the excellent restaurants for the best seafood omelets, ceviches and main courses like as calamares (squid), pulpo (octopus) and arroz con mariscos (shellfish rice).

Food Prices: $2.87- $9.68 (S/8-S/27)

Restaurant Colonial

Food Type: Peruvian
Hours: 8am to 09pm (Daily)
Reservations: Reservations not accepted.
Telephone: 044/258-261
Address: Jirón Independencia 618, Trujillo, Peru.


This is delightful and comfortable café and Restaurant, with only six tables. It is attached to Hostal Colonial. Please anyone shouldn't be confused with Club Colonial in Huanchaco.

It is perfect for a good quality and cheap lunchtime menu with including a soup or papa a la huancaína (a creamy cheese sauce with boiled potato). Main course of arroz con pollo (chicken and rice) and churrasco (barbecued meats). The menu also has Chinese-style fried rice, pork, omelets, spaghetti and also three breakfast options.

Food Prices: $4.30 - $6.81 (S/12-S/19)

Medium Price

La Barca

Food Type: Seafood
Hours: Noon to 10pm (Daily)
Credit Cards Support: DC,MC,V
Reservations: Recommended in high season.
Telephone: 044/461-052
Address: Av. Víctor Larco 514, just a couple blocks away, facing the beach of Huanchaco.

**A daily setting food menu is offered Monday to Friday and on Saturday evening, there is a piano bar.



This restaurant is a fashionable and homey small place with beautiful tables and chairs and little excitement. La Barca’s serves are very good as well as reasonably priced fresh seafood dishes and some criollo standards, langostinos (prawns), cangrejo (crab), succulent ceviche.

Food Prices: $3.94 - $10.04 (S/11-S/28)


Food Type: Italian
Hours: 8am to Midnight (Daily)
Credit Cards Support: AE, DC, MC, V
Reservations: Not accepted.
Telephone: 044/252-251
Address: Pizarro 747, Trujillo, Peru.



This restaurant has delicious rice dishes, salads, omelets, pizzas and more attractive items like as pork loin, filet mignon with mushrooms, steak. There are also homemade pastas, including lasagna, cannelloni and ravioli. Romano has a nice selection of desserts as well as excellent coffees, including espresso and cappuccino for breakfast. In the weekend menu is a very excellent like as tuna and vegetable salad to start, and rice with baked chicken and bread plus juice and mashed potatoes.

Food Prices: $4.30- $10.40 (S/12-S/29)


Food Type: Italian
Hours: 8am to midnight (Daily)
Credit Cards Support: AE, DC, MC, V
Reservations: Not accepted.
Telephone: 044/234-251
Address: Pizarro 725, Trujillo, Peru.



This is a café style restaurant. It has good breakfast selection also it’s pizza, pastas, sandwiches and other Italian food as well as its excellent ice creams and cakes. Delicious menu also has churrasco con tacu tacu (rice and beans with grilled meats served), classic lomo saltado (tomatoes, onions, french fries over rice with strips of beef) and criollo specialties such as asado de res con puré y arroz (mashed potatoes and rice with roast beef).

Food Prices: $4.30- $10.76 (S/12-S/30)

El Mochica

Food Type: Peruvian
Hours: 08pm to 01am (Daily).
Credit Cards Support: AE, DC, MC, V
Reservations: Recommended for live music Fri-Sat.
Telephone: 044/293-441
Address: Bolívar 462, Trujillo, Peru.


** In this restaurant have a bar as well as a stage for live music on weekends.


El Mochica looks to be a pretty stylish. It's housed surrounded by a beautiful colonial structure with a remarkable carved-wood gallery. El Mochica also produces well-prepared and good-value classic dishes and criollo cooking like as roasted guinea pig, mixed grilled meats that is called parrilladas and corvina (sea bass)

Food Prices: $4.30 - $12.19 (S/12-S/34)


Il Valentino

Food Type: Italian
Hours: Noon to 11pm (Tuesday - Sunday).
Credit Cards Support: AE, DC, MC, V
Reservations: Recommended on Fri-Sat.
Telephone: 044/246-643
Address: Orbegoso 224, Trujillo, Peru.



In Trujillo’s finest looking restaurant is Il Valentino. It is gorgeous and fairly dazzling stylish place. It has arched doorways and subdued lighting, yellow walls, as well as tables resting on two levels through tablecloths with fake flowers. The menu is pastas and pizzas of the upscale variety and a few steaks. It's perfectly situated for dinner.

Food Prices: $5.38- $12.55 (S/15-S/35)


High Price

Club Colonial

Food Type: French and Belgian
Hours: Noon to 10pm (Daily)
Credit Cards Support: AE, DC, MC, V
Reservations: Recommended.
Telephone: 044/761-639
Address: Grau 272, Huanchaco, Trujillo.



In this restaurant menu is an interesting mix of Franco-Belgian and Peruvian items. Like as excellent homemade pastas, ceviches and salads. Main items contain French brochette in three sauces, pork loin and cordon bleu with curry pineapple sauce. It has also fish dishes, such as lobster and corvina a la vasca (Basque-style sea bass). Desserts, such as crêpes suchards (chocolate and crepes with ice cream) are also wonderful. Club Colonial is so much expensive than other restaurants in northern Peru but it is absolutely worth it.

Food Prices: $6.45- $15.06 (S/18-S/42)