War between Inca brothers

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The Incas showeda genius for government and administration that was rare in pre Hispanic America.



Incas developed a system of accounting, where from a series of chords and with knots of different color a various thickness they kept exact records of different transactions.

Origin of Inca

Still nobodies know where the Incas had come from, or how long they had been around. There were many legends on which to base rough guesses.


When Emperor Huayna Capac died of small pox, it was not clear who should be the next Emperor. The rules said it should be Huascar, but his other brother Atahualpa who was the governor of Quito was the strong contender of the throne. Atahualpa was a warrior, but Huascar was not. Atahualpa's army was much more powerful than Huascar. Also Huascar was known to be a coward. Anyway the war between them broke out. Atahualpa had a strong army. His general  Quizquiz was leading armies of 100,000 men. Huascar's army was consisted of 60,000 men. Both the brothers ordered to kill a lot of civilian. the people who lived around Cusco were killed by the Quizquiz and people around Quito were killed by the Huascar's army. Finally the war was ended when Huascar was killed at the hand of army of Atahualpa in 1932.




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