What to See in Trujillo

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Main attractions of Trujillo are its excellent archeological sites. Many locals believe if you want to see Peru, you should start your journey from Trujillo. There are many important archaeological sites to carry out on your first visit to Trujillo. Let me discuss few most important and attractive ones.

El Brujo: El Brujo is an Archaeological Complex which is situated at the Chicama valley in Trujillo. It is 21.3 miles away from Trujillo and about 1.25 hours by car. In the northern Peruvian coast it is one of the most excellent archaeological monuments. You will see various type of culture were developed here, from the pre-ceramic period to the viceroyalty period.

Chan Chan: It is situated in the Moche valley, which are 3.1 miles and about 10 minutes by car from the Trujillo city. It is the largest Clay City in pre-Hispanic America. In Mochica language Chan Chan is called by Jang-Jang (Sun-Sun). The capital of the kingdom of Gran ChimĂș was Chan Chan. It extends from the Huanchaco port to the Campana Mountain, which is 12.5 sq. miles. It had more than 100,000 habitants.  The castle is created by houses, squares, labyrinths, workshops, deposits, city walls, pyramid shaped temples and excellent roads. Its massive walls have been magnificently decorated with geometric figures, mythological creatures and animal stylization. The area of Chan Chan is opened for the public. Chan Chan has a local museum. It has a wide doors and entrance ramp.

Huaca de la Luna: You will find two famous temples in Mocha valley, one is Huaca de la Luna, or Temple of the Moon and the other one is Huaca del Sol or Temple of Sun. Huaca de la Luna is located 5 miles away from Trujillo city. You can reach there in 15 minutes by car, from Trujillo. It is a memorial with different temples. Heights of this temple is as high as 68.8 ft. Archeologists have discovered a tomb in this temple where more than 40 sacrificed warriors were buried . This archaeological site has enough facilities for disable visitors. At a time three disable visitors with wheelchair can visit this site.

Huaca La Esmeralda: It is situated at 2 km from the city of Trujillo. It had been a palace of great Chimu Lord. It is said that the adobe construction was done during the first stage of development of Chimu culture. Here two enormous terraces are connected by tow rams.

Huaca del Sol: It is located in the Campina de Moche, which is is 5 miles away from Trujillo. You may reach here in 15 minutes by car from Trujillo.  It is an amazing pyramid with a height of 65.6 ft. According to the historians, it was built in three days, using approximately 70 million bricks adobes and 250,000 men. It was used for ceremonial, funerary, and almost certainly elite and administrative housing purposes. This Huaca has been not yet excavated, for this reason you will be just able to see the pyramid but you are not allowed to visit it yet.