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You will not get many restaurants here. Most of the people take their lunch or dinner at the hotel they are staying in. But if you want to take your food outside, you may go to Plaza de Armas, where at Picante's Fast food you can even have burgers.



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You can have a lunch or dinner here in less than $10.00

Hostal Alegria
Telephone: (51 56) 522 702
Address: Calle Lima 168, Nazca

Hostal Alegria has a restaurant too. You can have your lunch or dinner here. Not great food, but cheap. As they don't have much good restaurants in Nazca, this restaurant may be a good alternative. You may try a little bargain here, specially with the set menu, and can have your lunch or dinner in less than $5.00.

Don Hono

Address : Jr. Arica ( at Plaza de Armas)

A small shop, but clean and very very cheap. You can get foods at less than $5.00.

Picante's Fast food Cafe
Telephone: 51 56 522377
Address: 464 Bolognesi Av. ( Plaza de Armas)

A small restaurants, but good one. You can have good fast food here. You can get burger, chicken sandwich and French fries in less than $ 10.00. You can try some cakes too.



You can get your dinner or lunch here in less than $12.00



Restaurante La Kanada

Telephone: 0565 22531
Address: Calle Lima 160 Nasca
You can have some varieties here. You can have good environment and free internet connection here. Location is suitable, as it is situated next to Hostal Alegria.
Nazca Lines Hotel

Address: Jr. Bolognesi s/n Nazca

Rating: 3 star hostal

Telephone: (51 56) 522 293


Website: none


You can try the restaurant at Hotel Nazca Lines. This hotel is the best one in Nazca. And their restaurants is a good one too. Foods are a little more expensive than other restaurants, quality is far better.

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