Gringo Bill's Hostal


We had to change our room three times

I liked the location of Gringo Bill's. Staffs at the reception were very helpful. Help was badly needed as we had to change our rooms on several occasions, as each rooms seemed to have problems of different category.

L . Judd

Fresno, California

No electricity


We left the hotel for ruins at 7am, with no electricity and came back at 6 pm and found still they were working on electricity.

A. Smith


Sydney, Australia


Inca Mystery

How do they lift those 15 tons stones? How they place those stones so neatly?

This hotel is placed in a good location. Just around the central plaza. Gringo Bill's is serving Machu Picchu visitor for over 25 years. It was renovated in 2004. It is a three story house made of wood. You may like the environment here. Gringo Bill's have an arrangement of lunch pack for their guests visiting to Machu Picchu. Since there is no canteen or restaurant in Machu Picchu, the lunch pack is very useful.

In old days Gringo Bill's was a very renowned hotel in this region. But they have lost their touch. Recently lots of visitors complain about their management. Complains on shower, breakfast, flush of commode and even on electricity are very common now a days in Gringo Bill's. If you have to stay in this hotel carry flashbulb and be prepare to expect anything.

  • Address and contact

Colla Raymi 104, Aguas Calientes
Phone 051 84 211046 (cell phone 051 84 9748347)
Credit card : Visa, MC, AmEx
Website :


They can accommodate 40 persons in total. Rooms fare includes breakfast.

Type of Room



3 twins beds

US$ 105


2 twin beds or a single queen bed

US$ 75


2 twin beds or a single queen bed

US$ 105


A queen bed with a private Balcony tv cable, and Jacuzzi

US$ 135


2 standard rooms with a shared bathroom. One room has a queen bed  and the other room has 3 twin beds.

US$ 150


You have to be careful about the reservation. In their website ( they will ask you to pay full in advance through pay pal. If you reserve a room then must carry the printed email and receipt with you while moving to Aguas Calientes.  A good number of people complain that Gringo Bill's overbooked their hotel and later shift the customer to other hotels.  Youe room fair may include lunch or diner, if it includes, then keep the printed copy of the offer.




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