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I had to Walk uphill

I liked La Cabana hotel, it was clean and neat but I had to walk (and it was long) uphill from station, which was very difficult with luggage. I don't know why nobody warned me earlier!

M. Stockton

Asheville, North Carolina



  • Staying at hotels

If you are on a tight schedule you can go to Machu Picchu from Cusco on a day trip. So you can easily come back to Cusco from Machu Picchu on the same day. Hence it is not necessary to stay at any hotel at Machu Picchu.  But if you are with family it is better to stay at least a night in Machu Picchu.

But if you decide to stay Machu Picchu an extra one night you may get the opportunity to see the sunrise at Machu Picchu. Also there is another thing to mention here. Lots of people like to climb up Huayna Picchu. But each day at most 400 people can climb up (a restriction from Peruvian Government, to save the Sanctuary), and if you do not put your name on the list early, you may not get the chance to climb. So you need to go there early to take the chance. So spending a night there may not be a bad idea. But again to remind you, you can easily have your Machu Picchu experience without staying there. Decision is yours.

  • Hotels at the ruins

At Machu Picchu ( which is actually Inca ruin, not a town now)  there is only one hotel, Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge, which is just 150 feet from the ruins entrance gate. Other than this one  all other hotels are situated at Aguas Calientes town (few miles from the ruins). Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge is a deluxe hotel, 5 star (that's what they claim), and naturally very very expensive. Rooms start there from $ 700.00. If your pocket is not that deep, you can stay at one of the hotels at  Aguas Calientes.

  • Hotels at Aguas Calientes

You will find plenty of hotels at Machu Picchu. If you want luxury you can stay at Inkaterra Machu Picchu Hotel (Former Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel). Here single rooms starts from $350.00 a night. Environment of this hotel is breathtaking, you will see gardens and tree all around in this hotel. If you are not interested in deluxe hotels, you can stay hotels like Hostal Continental or Hostal Machu Picchu, which are as cheap as $ 20.00 a night. or  Hostal Wiracocha Inn, Rupa Wasi Eco Lodge, Hostal Presidente which are $50.00 a night.


For backpackers there are some hotels as cheap as $ 6.00. Hostal John, Hostal El Inka, or Hospedaje El Tambo have rooms under $ 10.00.

I am giving a list of Hotels below. If it says hostal, it means it does not have a restaurant. One more thing, room rates usually include 19% Tax, which is for Peruvian only. If you are not a Peruvian show them your Passport, and give them its copy to exempt yourself.

All hotels other than Machu Picchu Sanctuary lodge are in Aguas Calientes..



Very Cheap

You can have a single room here at less than $20.00 

Hostal john

Mayta Capac 105

Telephone:51 (084) 211022

From the Central Plaza walk

towards spring (north), then on your left.

Probably cheapest hotel in Peru. Only 15 soles ($5.00)  a single room, and you can get a seat for 10 soles ($ 3.00)  in dormitory.

Very simple.


Hostal El Inka
Calle Wiracocha s/n
Tel: (51 84) 211 008


Very Cheap. Starting from 10 Sole (yes, $ 3.00).  per person. Naturally Very simple accommodation.

Hostal El Inka II
Calle Willku s/n
Tel: 051-84-211-008

Single rooms are  $ 10.00. Basic amenities. Breakfast included.

Hospedaje El Tambo

On the Left of Central Plaza.
Calle Collasuyo 110
Tel: 051-84-211 378

This one is also very cheap hotel. With $ 6.00 you can get a room here.

Hostal Imperio de los Incas
Avenida Pachacutec 150
Tel: 051-84- 211 105

Here you can get a room under $10.00, and double under $16.00.

Hospedaje Lodging-

Camping Inti Wasi
Las Orquídeas M-23
Tel (Reservas): (51 84) 211 036 &

 211 187 – 502 024

Shared bathroom. You can have beds for $5.00. They have 4, 5 even 6 or 7 beds in a room.

Hostal Los Caminantes
Avenida Imperio de los Incas 140
Tel: 211 007


Very cheap, starting from $ 6.00. Not much clean though. You may get hot water. 

Hospedaje Ñusta Wasi
Tupac Inka Yupanqui
Tel: (84) 211170


From $ 15.00. Breakfast included. This one is very simple, all rooms are with private bath. 

Hostal Wayna Picchu
Avenida Pachacutec 127
Tel: (51 84) 211 089

Single rooms are $ 6.00 and double rooms are $ 12.00.

Rooms are basic. You may get hot water here.

Municipal Camping

Go to West from Central Plaza
Around 1 km just next to the bridge.

$ 5.00 per tent.
If you like to spent a night in a camp, you may like it. They have some basic facilities.


You can have a single room here in between $20.00-$50.00 

Hostal Las Rocas
Avenida Pachacutec s/n
Tel: (51 84) 211 049

If you are looking for double/ matrimonial room it is better, as here single is $30.00 but double will cost you only  $35.00, you can have triple for $45.00

The hostel is little far, at the end of Pachacuteq Ave, from the Plaza, closer to the hot springs. But if you email them they will pick you from stations.


Hostal Ima Sumac
Av Pachacutec
Tel: (51 84) 211-021


Single $20, Double/matrimonial $36, Triple $40, Four-bed-room $45 (continental breakfast included)
A small hotel, reception built in the Inca style.

Hostal Continental

Av. Imperio de los Incas 165

Phone: 0051-84-211-065 and




Rooms are small, But decent. On the main rail road.

Credit card not accepted, No phone at room.  

Hostal Quilla

Phone:84 211009,



This one is very friendly. Breakfast Included.

Hostal Machu Picchu

Av. Imperio de los Incas 127

Phone: 84 211-065; 084 244-598



Recently renovated, Small house. Location is very suitable.


Hostal Pachacutec

Address:  move towards

north from Central Plaza.

Telephone: 0051 84 211168



Run by family. Very small one. Attached bath with hot water.

Jardin Real Hotel

Calle Wiracocha No 07, Aguas Calientes

Telephone: 0051 84 211234



Small two storied hotel. Total 18 rooms. All rooms have attached bath with hot water. New modern hotel..

Hostal Don Guiller

Pachacutec 136

Phone: 084/211128.


You will get hot waters here. Breakfast included.


You can have a single room here in between $ 50.00 -$100.00


Hotel Inti Inn Machu Picchu

Pachacutec Avenue s/n - 4th block

Phone: 0051 - 84- 211-237


They have 30 rooms. Best in the town. No TV at room.

Rupa Wasi Eco Lodge

Calle Huanacaure 110


Phone: 0051 84 21 1101


Rooms starting from $ 50.00. A small two storied house. The  walls are made of timber and look interesting. Not a deluxe one but certainly comfortable, Attached bath. No internet.

They arrange lunch bags for the guests, which is handy when you are out for Machu Picchu ruins.

Hotel Wiracocha Inn
Calle Wiracocha s/n,
Tel: (51-84) 211088


Single $50; Double (or matrimonial) $50, Triple $60; Four-bed-room $80
Recently renovated, spacious rooms with large windows and fantastic views.    

private bathroom with all rooms. Continental or American breakfast included.


La Cabana Hostal

Av. Pachacutec mz 20
Phone: 51-84-211-048



Total 20 rooms, Attached bath, Computer with Internet at reception sitting area

You have to go to uphill from Central Plaza.

Apu Majestic B&B

Add : Alameda Hermanos Ayar S/n

Phone :084 211-127  



It is also a small hotel with 24 rooms. They have a reception in the Train station.


Gringo Bills Hostal

Colla Raymi 104 Aguas Calientes, Peru



This hotel was a famous one, but now a bit old (Built at 1979) and their service has become very poor. A bit expensive. Credit card accepted. Rooms are over $100.00 for two persons.

This hotel is located just next to central plaza.


Hostal Presidente

Av. Imperio de los Incas 165

Phone: 084/211-065; 084/244-598


A small two storied building. Equipped with modern furnishing. Attached bath.


Some rooms have bathtubs with Jacuzzi jets. No internet connection.



Room tariff : Between $ 150.00 - 450.00 


Hatuchay Tower Hotel

Carretera Puente Ruinas Mz 4,
Machu Picchu

Phone :(5184) 211-201,(511) 446-5771



Rooms starting from $150.00. Rooms are specious. Clean Bathroom. Food may not be that good. Those who enjoy breakfast in the morning may stay somewhere.

Have internet connection and Cable TV.

Inkaterra Machu Picchu Hotel (Former Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel)

Machu Picchu Km. 110 on the railroad line, Aguas Calientes

Telephone: 51 84 211122




Rooms starting from $450.00. It is a four star hotel. The best, hence expensive hotel in Aguas Calientes.  They have internet connection and Cable TV and telephone at each room, and more importantly they have a very big orchid garden surrounding the hotel. You can have nature walk (bird, bear, and other animal). This hotel is my favorite.   Staffs are very helpful. You can get a guide to Machu Picchu ruin from them. When you book, you may make arrangement for guide for Machu Picchu at room price. Also they will pick you from the stations. Bad thing is that you have to book early to get a room here, and pay in advance. For more >>

Super Deluxe

Rooms starting from $ 650.00


Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge

At the entry point of Machu Picchu Citadel.

Phone: 0051 84 241 777 (Reservations at Monasterio Hotel, Cusco)



Only hotel at Machu Picchu. It is situated just at the entrance point of Machu Picchu ruins. It maintains  very high standard. Hence very expensive. The best thing of this hotel is that if you are interested to go to Huayna Picchu, you can get into Machu Picchu ruins very early from here easily. But bad thing is that , most visitors find it is over priced.


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