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Cusco is famous not only for its ruins, also for its people and their customs.
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Cusco Tourists Tickets -Boleto

Boleto (Boleto Turístico General, or BTG) is the admission tickets to some sites in around Cusco. If  included sites matches with your plan, it is wise to purchase the Cusco Tourist Ticket.


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Many people visit Cusco looking at the calendar of Cusco festivals. Festivals at Cusco are colorful. Processions, parades, dance, handicraft fairs - all these happen during most of the festival days. Some of the festivals, like Inti Raymi, whole city is engaged, while thousands of visitors from different country joined with them. Here is a list of some important festivals, and their time in the calendar, so that you can choose your time to visit Cusco.


Date Festival
1-Jan Surrenders of Sticks
6-Jan Slope of Kings and The Visit of the Wine Men
Upto Jan 6 Typical Births
20-Jan The Chiaraje
February and/or March Carnivals
End of March and beginning of April Lord. of Tremors
May and/or June Cruz Velacuy
The first week of May Qoyllur Rit’i
Last week of May Cusco Beer Festival
The first part of June Festival of OllantayRaymi
24-Jun Inti Raymi
June Corpus Christi
July Second week Virgin of the Carmen
25-Jul Corpus of Santiago
26-Jul Corpus of Santa Ana
2-Aug Corpus of San Cristobal
August and/or September Warachikuy
8-Sep Corpus of Almudena
14-Sep Lord of Huanca
30-Sep Corpus of San Jeronimo
10-Oct Virgin of the Rosary
November 1 - 2 All the Saints' Day
December 24-25 Christmas in Cusco
24-Dec Santuranticuy Fair



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