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Coy (Guinea Pig)

It seemed they mistakenly left a rat on my plate, a rat fried with other food. But my husband liked it. He said when he will visit Peru again, he will go for it again. (Seems he will have to vist alone!)

B. Nelson


Santa Maria, California

Inca Mystery

How do they lift those 15 tons stones? How they place those stones so neatly?

If you stay in lima, you may try their traditional food, which are called Criollo dishes. Some criollo are really very good. There are many types of dishes. Some are Ceviche- raw fish marinated in lemon juice and seasoned with chili, one of the very popular food in Peru, Arroz con pollo - or rice with chicken, is enjoyed for its rich-flavored rice combined with chicken, Jalea -deep fried mixed fish and shellfish, Ttiradito- another kind of Ceviche, here strips of fish marinated in lemon juice, Coctel de camarones - shrimp cocktail., Lomo saltado - stir fried pork and vegetables, Carapulcra - a type of potato and meat stew, Arroz con pato- duck ( if you like duck, must taste it) cooked with rice, Cau cau -tripe and vegetable stewAnticuchos -barbecued pieces of meat, chicken or fish on a skewer.

The Chupe de camarones (shrimp cioppino) is one of the most popular dishes of Peruvian cuisine. It is made from a thick freshwater shrimp (crayfish), stock soup, potatoes, milk and chili pepper. This dish is originated from Arequipa. Chupe de Camarones is very common in Peruvian restaurants specialized in Arequipan cuisine.




Peruvian Foods..

Restaurants at Lima Address
Brujas de Cachiche Av. Bolognesi 460,
José Antonio Bernardo Monteaguo 200,
San Isidro
Señorio de Sulco Malecón Cisneros 1470,
Zeñó Manue Av. Dos de Mayo 598,

If you like Chinese food then you must taste Chifa. In Peru Chinese restaurants are called Chifa. Chinese foods are popular every where. But in Peru it is a bit diffeent and probably the best.

In downtown Lima, on Capon Street, is the barrio chino (Chinatown). The great variety of savory and sweet dishes there, with different types of meats, vegetables, and soups, created a new culinary alternative for Peruvians.

Chifa ( Chinese restaurants)..

Restaurants at Lima Address
Maury and Salón de los Espejos Address: Jr. Ucayali 201, Cercado
Phone: 428-8188, 428-3185, 428-8174
El Jade
Address: Av. José Gálvez Barrenechea 579, San Isidro
Phone: 226-7000, 226-0815, 223-2746
Web page:
Address: Av. Ricardo Palma 322, Miraflores
Phone: 445-2347, 445-3793
Restaurante Royal Av. Prescott 231, San Isidro

Address: Av. Javier Prado Este 1212, Córpac, San Isidro
Phone: 224-8189, 224-8304
Web page:

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