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In a short period of time Inca became a powerful nation in the pre-Columbian America. When Pachacuti became emperor Cusco was only a city where Inca lived. But Pachacuti reorganized the kingdom of Cuzco into an empire. He had converted his empire ship to a new governmental system which was known as Tahuantinsuyu. They had a federal government and four provincial governments. Certainly the federal system was headed by Sapa Inca himself. Inca noble men were the head of the other provincial governments.

  • Military Organization of Inca

One of the key to the success of Inca people was their military organization. Army was much more organized under Inca than the other nations in Andes those days. Educated leaders, highly disciplined army, equipment and better tactics helped Inca to win the battles. One of the tactics of Inca was to include the army of conquered groups in their own army. So it became large and versatile.

Inca army was also immensely benefited from the high standard road systems and food store and supply system. Their Mita system was very useful to construct roads rapidly and to grow and store foods.

  • Inca Government

Another key to the success of the Inca was their modern government organization. Pachacuti was the very first man to set up a great empire system and it started to run very well. They had four quarters headed by four Apos, who were just below the King. Every quarter were made up of several provinces run by officials. The system was hierarchical and administered by a well-developed bureaucracy that collected tribute and distributed it.

  • Inca Civilization

Civilization of Inca people reached to a great stage without the modern technology. We  are still surprised by the beauty of structures made by Incas all around Peru. Still people are amazed with beauty and mystery of the architecture of Inca period. Not only the structures, what about their roads! They were made in a organized way. The roads were the base behind their becoming a powerful nation.

  • Mita System

Inca developed one of the best public works system on those days. Mita was one kind of labor tax. The Incas required all the taxpayers to work for a certain period in each year for the Empire. This labor were called Mita. Local official decide the the turn for individuals efficiently hence reducing the disruption in the lives of the workers and his family.





Incas developed a system of accounting, where from a series of chords and with knots of different color a various thickness they kept exact records of different transactions.


The Incas showed a genius for government and administration that was rare in pre Hispanic America.

Origin of Inca

Still nobodies know where the Incas had come from, or how long they had been around. There were many legends on which to base rough guesses.



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