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Welcome! You have just stepped into a site where you may get all the information you need to know on fabulous Inca city -Machu Picchu. Not only that, if you like to know about Incas- the creator of Machu Picchu, or Hiram Bingham - the discoverer of Machu Picchu - all are here.


So what is Machu Picchu! - It is the most fabulous city in South America. Its beauty is blended with the great history of Inca people. The mysterious city, hidden deep in the green Urubamba Valley's jungle, high on a mountain top had been brought into attention of the outside world by Hiram Bingham, a famous Yale historian, and since then it is attracting people from all corner of the world. But is that all? I don't know. But to me Machu Picchu is something more than a nice city. Actually you are traveling all the way to Peru, not just to uhh... let's say, to see it. Rather you want to be there to feel the ancient city. When you look around the ruins, you feel the warmth of Inca people around you. That is where the enjoyment comes from. It is not merely looking at the structures made of gigantic stone. We all know that at this modern age with present technology any nation can build these structures. But the beauty lies with the fact that Inca people made those structures at 14th or 15th century. I really can not figure out how they lift those stones weighing more than 15 tons (yes, some of them weigh more than 15 tons). Also think without the aid of modern tools how they shaped those stone. They shaped them so precisely that you can not slide a knife in between those stone.


When I wanted to travel Machu Picchu, I tried to get as much information as I can get to plan my travel arrangement. Though there were lots of site on Machu Picchu or Inca, but all were with their own packages. Since I did not know much about that place the whole thing was confusing for me. I was looking for a site with comprehensive information, which I could not find. Now I created this site for those whose may face the same difficulties when planning to tour this beautiful place.

Guided Tour to Machu Picchu -Do we need it ?

Hey, it is not 15th century. You can get all the information from website. You do not need any guide or tour operator to reach Machu Picchu. You can do it yourself. The path to Machu Picchu is a easy one. Be confident, you don't need any guide or agent to tour Machu Picchu. Just roam around this site for a while; I have tried to provide all the information you need, still if you feel that you need to know more, there are hundreds of quality websites. Gather all the information and then plan your vacation and start. Unless you have kids with you or other difficulties I suggest you to travel independently. It would be more fun than you imagine.

Hiking Inca Trail


Inca trail is the most popular and famous trail in South America. You may start from Cusco and reach Machu Picchu through Inca trail. You have to walk 46 Kilometer and it is a four days hiking. But there are other trails also, offered by different touring operators, like Inca short trail, Salkantay trail and many more. If you are going to hike Inca trail, then you have to choose some Peruvian government licensed tour operator. If the operator is without license, it can not run the tour in Inca trail. So I hope you will carefully select your tour operator. But before you choose, must visit my page on Inca trail, where I have given a breakup of cost for Inca trail. Then check whether all the items are provided in the packages. If you read the page, you know what to look for. So read my Inca trail page carefully. One more thing.. You have to book earlier with Inca Trail. Now only 500 people can visit a day in Inca trail. Yes, this is the new rule here. These spaces are filled up sometime 2 months in advance. So visit my page on availability of Inca trail, where you can check availability online, and do your planning and registration as early as possible.

Discovery of Machu Picchu

Know how Machu Picchu was brought into attention of world in 1911 by a Yale historian, Hiram Bingham. Since the invasion of Spaniard, this place remained hidden for centuries. Nobody knew about it. It is still a mystery why it was abandoned. I wrote some good information on this subject on my Machu Picchu history page. I hope you read it before you go to visit Machu Picchu.

Inca History

Before you start get some idea on Inca. History of Inca people is really fabulous. They lasted not long, but developed to a great monarchy within a short period of time. Once you reach Cusco or Aguas Calientes, you would see the statue of Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro and great Inca emperor Pachacuti.


Inca Civilization

While our known world was prospering in its own way in Europe and Asia in 13th or 14th century, a parallel world was gaining momentum in South America. They did not have any Newton, Pascal or Shakespeare; they did not have even any written languages. Still there grew a great civilization. They built houses and palaces with enormous stones; they built roads with highest quality without having the knowledge of all those great scientists of the other part of the world. How they achieved those is still a mystery. Know about Inca to feel them while roaming in Peru.

Hotels and lodges

Hotels are not very expensive in Peru. With 20.00 $ you can spend a night at a standard hotel in Lima or Cusco. Also there are plenty of hotels at Machu Picchu. They are cheap too. If you are interested to stay in deluxe type of hotels, they are available even in Machu Picchu. So as you see all varieties of hotels are available. Important thing is that you have to find the right hotel for you. It is not difficult though. You may check my pages on hotels.


Incas developed a system of accounting, where from a series of chords and with knots of different color and various thickness, they kept exact records of different transactions


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