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There are a number of tour operators. Recently more and more companies are offering tour to Machu Picchu and Inca trail. So it is very important to choose the proper guide, otherwise you may not enjoy your Peru vacation.

Two most important tour where you may need tour operators are Machu Picchu tour and Inca trail hike.

  • Tour operator

Touring Machu Picchu independently is not much difficult. Still every day large number of people are visiting Machu Picchu under the guidance of tour operator. If you have time and patience and you may read and collect the information from my site (and may be from other few good sites). Then you can go to Machu Picchu independently. A good number of people are doing that each day, every week I got email from people who visit independently, and sent me picture and thanks note. So this is not a difficult task. But at the same time a good number of people are visiting Machu Picchu with help of tour guide or tour operators, if you are in this group and decide to go ultimately with a tour operator then this page is for you.

Recent years Machu Picchu has become more and more popular throughout the world. Hence visitors to Peru are increasing day by day. So operating tours has become an attractive job. More and more companies are involved in this purpose. As a result operating tours become more and more competitive now a days. Which encourage the operators to offer cheap tours for the visitors, hence the standard of the tour some cases are much below the standard. This is more truth specifically for Inca trail tour. If you fail to choose the right operator for you, you will suffer a lot. Incompetent tour operators may not be able to handle the situations you will face in barren land while hiking the trail. Foods, sleeping arrangement, timing are very crucial in Inca trail hike, so selecting operators for specially Inca trail needs proper attention.

  •  Which tour operators are good ..

I know you are waiting for the name of tour operators I would suggest... But it is not that easy! You will find different opinion on the same tour operators who just came back from Machu Picchu or Inca trail. Let us discuss why it happens. In many cases people choose a operator knowing that a particular operator is good and maintains high standard. But during their tour they meet other people from other touring company and find out that they are paying excessive amount of money, so they remain unsatisfied. Other cases people select a operator at a very good rate, but afterward find that they standard of operating of the agent is not satisfactory. I hope you notice the point here!

You may choose very cheap operator, but the standard will be less, or you can find a operator with high standard, but they will provide much better facility. So you can not blindly say this operator is good or bad. If you don't care about food, or hotel room, or sleeping arrangement in cold night in Inca trail, you can always choose a cheap operator and save some money. But if you like luxury, or at least you need your hotel room very clean, or food delicious and sufficient, you have to look for a different company, who's rate are much higher.

  • Inca Trail Tour Operators

Now a days many operators offering the tour under $500.00. If you are a real backpackers, it is okay to go with them, just bring extra dry foods, and blanket with you, and you will be fine. But if you vulnerable to unfavourable environment, then try not to choose the cheapest one. I am not asking you to pay $ 800.00 for a regular 4 days trail, but go for something in between $600.00 - $700.00.

  • Machu Picchu tour Operators

Tour operators offer one day or two days tour to Machu Picchu. There are several days tour which include Machu Picchu, Cusco and Sacred Valley. For Machu Picchu tour you may try to grab the cheapest one. Here quality is comparatively less important (than Inca trail tour). Just carefully check what are included, what are excluded in your tour. Check my page on Tour expenses.



Operators to Machu Picchu


My review

Price (US $)


SAS is good option. They have different tours to Machu Picchu, like one day, two day, Machu Picchu and Sacred valley combined plus more. They are not a very cheap option, but they always maintains a good standard.

One day Machu Picchu-210

Two Day Machu Picchu -260

Machu Picchu and Sacred valley -270


They have mainly lengthy tour, you can go for 3 days Cusco-Machu Picchu tour 3 day Cusco- Machu Picchu-600

Andean Treks

They offer different options. You can go for minimum 3 night stay with them. Cusco - Machu Picchu (4 days / 3 nights) -519


  • Operators to Inca trail hike


My review

Price (US $)

Peru Treks


Very good, and not expensive

4 day trail - 450

2 day trail - 375


SAS is good option.

4 day trail - 500

2 day trail - 370 (group of 5)


Many other options

4 day trail -410

4 day trail -430


  • Cusco and Sacred valley tour


My review

Price (US $)

Peru Treks


Very cheap and dependable

Cusco city tour -10/person

125/group of 5,

150/ group of 12


Sacred Valley - 15/person

150/group of 5,

200/ group of 12

SAS They  maintain a good standard.

Machu Picchu and Sacred valley -270

Peru-explorer Many options Cusco- Machu Picchu-Sacred Valley- 6 days- 650
  • Important!

Inca trail you have to book many days in advance, so you have to depend on website. But if you are interested for Cusco, Sacred valley or Machu Picchu tour, with operators, then the best option is just to go first Cusco, and they go to Plaza de Armas, and move around different offices of tour operators, to see which one suits you. Specially if you are looking for cheap options, then this is the best way to select the appropriate party for your tour.

Good luck.


Independently to Machu Picchu


Thanks 'Peru travel diary' for all the useful information! It was not much difficult, and people were very helpful there, thanks for saving my money.

J. Parker

Bay town, Texas


Machu Picchu by Helicopter


A helicopter service from Cusco to Aguas Calientes is now available for those who like to pay extra money to get maximum comfort. This service was provided by a 12 passenger helicopter by Heli- Cusco.



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