Lake Titicaca

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Getting Lake Titicaca |

Lake Titicaca is located on the border between northern Bolivia and southern Peru. It is considered the highest commercially navigable body of water in the world (3821m). It is the largest lake in South America as it covers an area of  8300 square kilometers. The area of the lake is divided roughly evenly between Peru and Bolivia.
If you are planning to visit Lake Titicaca, you may visit some Islands in this lakes. Some of the islands are very primitive. They don't even have electricity. Their primitive nature attracts many tourists. You may also like it.

Isla del Sol

The name means island of Sun. This island is in Bolivia. So if you are visiting from Peru, you may reach here.
Isla Amantani

Know beforehand that Electricity is not yet integrated in the village. No restaurant or hotel you will find here. Local families provide accommodation for tourists. Their food is really tasty.
Isla Taquile

This one is a bit more advanced than Amantani. You will find some restaurants here. But again no hotel. If you decide to stay at night then you have to stay with a local family.

The floating Uros Islands

 This island is man made. This one very popular with tourists.