Chicha : Drink of Inca

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Inca Mystery

How do they lift those 15 tons stones? How they place those stones so neatly? In Sacsayhuaman some stones weigh more than 300 tons!


Chicha is the original Inca drink. Chicha was the most popular drink those Inca days. During festival they drank only Chicha. Chicha was also used in ritual purpose. It is still made in different parts of Peru, though not the most popular drink now a days. Local people still like it.

During Inca Empire it was made from corn. Corns were chewed to pulp. Since saliva helps to convert starches to fermented sugars, Inca followed this procedure. Then they were mixed with warm water. They were left there for few days, so it became a mildly alcoholic drink. Women were sent to school to learn preparing Chicha during Inca days. Mainly it was made by virgins of the sun. From 15th century the recipe of Chicha changed. From then molted corn took place of chewed corn. Since then it has not been changes much.

It is not very much favorite to tourists. You may find Chicha in restaurants and bars.  Some cases visitors like to taste the home made Chicha. If you are interested, you need to look for the Chicha flag. Peoples who made home Chicha, put a red cloth on a high poll. If you see this outside of a house you know they are the ones you are looking for. You can drink Chicha at those house. It is usually very cheap, a quarter ( 0.25 US $) will be enough to drink few glasses.



Chicha Morada                                           Chicha Flag                    


Chicha de Jora

  • Chicha de Jora and Chicha Morada :

When we talk about Chicha, it is mainly the Chicha de Jora, the spit fermented drink. But in Peru you can get Chicha Morada also, which is actually like a fruit juice. It is also made with corn, but it is not fermented, sugar, cinnamon, cloves and lime juices are added to the corn syrup here.


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