Bad tour operator - Inca Trail Reservations

by David
(Austin, TX, USA)

Our experience on --Inca Trail Reservations also dba (doing business as) and

We paid over $1100 for a 2d/1N guided "tour" for what was effectively an unguided tour. Our guide was 2 hours late on Day 2 - we went to the site ourselves, at our expense - and when he showed up, he was obviously drunk. He spoke little English, failed to meet us at the appropriate time, and gave us an hour long tour before pissing off. I got more info out of the guidebook. When we asked about butterflies, he said "yes, we have butterflies."

Because we missed him on Day One as well due to confusing directions, we missed half of what had been scheduled for Day One of the tour. For most of Day One, we guided ourselves, used paths that we were not meant to use, and had to wait for our guide.

Inca Trail Reservations sucks, and we are in the process of trying to be reimbursed for some of the $1100 we spent, but they are not cooperating.

David and Jessica
Austin, TX, USA
Tue Jan 11 17:44:46 2011

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